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Motto : I have never let anyone down yet (Peter Craven 24/9/1963)


We care about our work and the people we do it for.
We want to give proof that there is more to life than the material world.
We want to give you results, customer satisfaction and value for money.



We focus on quality not quantity
The team that work with us are personal friends, not employees or staff.



This great website allows me to keep in touch with you all and connect via social media.
I am inspired to continue by 30 years of feedback that we have given both guidance and entertainment.
I hope that the information on this site is helpful to you.

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Elaine, Torquay
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Michael Wysockyj

Michael Wysockyj

Psychic, Mentalist and Musician

Always a pleasure to work with Chris Forster, he is Britain's most camp psychic medium who is not a gay man.

Maria Anonuevo

Maria Anonuevo

Psychic reading client

"Love all my reading. Thank you."

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